Green Stove - Hori3 - Stainless Steel

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The Green Stove Hori3 is a hand made, boutique, all round perfect camping accessory. Whether its keeping you warm on a chilly winter night or cooking your favourite meal this pellet stove has got you covered. 

The Hori3 is a pellet powered stove with up to 6-8 hours of burning time per fill which leaves you with less stress about keeping the fire stoked and more time to sit back and relax. The cooking surface along with built in oven allows you to make multiple delicacies at the same time.
The upper and lower dampers allow you to precisely control the temperature of the stove.
Simply fill the hopper with wood pellets, light the chamber and the stove will do the rest. Once lit, the design enables the flame to dance across the glass creating an amazing atmosphere while providing heat and cooking options. 
  • Made with 304 stainless steel and high temperature refractory glass.
  • Compact - all components can be stored inside the stove and then packed into included carry bag.
  • Wood pellets provide far fewer emissions than traditional fires and are produced from renewable materials.
  • Wood pellets produce significantly less smoke than open fires.
  • 10kg of good quality pallets produce approx. 1 cup of ash.
  • Consistant heat source for cooking
  • Total weight of 16kgs
  • X shaped folding 4 leg design for stability and no heat transfer underneath
  • Draw type ash box 
  • Built in oven up to 350 degrees 
  • U shape fire chamber 
  • Multifunctional Ash rake included
  • Storage bag Included
  • Can be used as a rocket stove with timber in the top opening.