Camping Cooking Equipment

Cook some delicious camping food with our range of camping cooking equipment! Forget about canned beans or food packs; your camping experience will be so much more enjoyable preparing and cooking proper food.

Whether you're going camping with friends, family, or alone, our foldable BBQ grills are perfect for your outdoor meal. They come in two sizes and have adjustable racks for safe and easy cooking.

Our BBQ grills are made with durable stainless steel and come with a solid base with clips to avoid slipping. Use them with heat beads, charcoal, or firewood for increased grilled flavour.

Once you've finished cooking, simply fold the BBQ grill flat and place it in the waterproof, zipped storage bag to store it away.

For a clean car boot, store the charcoal or heat beads in our cooking charcoal storage bag. They are made of durable and lightweight material, helping you clean up without adding to your load weight. And when you're not camping, it can be very useful as a storage bag!

After cooking some delicious food on the grill, enjoy a refreshing cold drink with our Camprite stubby cooler. Choose your preferred colour: black, white or green. 

Browse our collection of camping cooking gear now, and don't miss out on amazing offers!


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Cooking Charcoal Storage BagCooking Charcoal Storage Bag
Cooking Charcoal Storage Bag Sale price$19.95 Regular price$29.50
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Camprite Camping BBQ PitCamprite Camping BBQ Pit
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Flatfold Charcoal StarterFlatfold Charcoal Starter
Flatfold Charcoal Starter Sale price$29.95 Regular price$40.00
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RidgeMonkey Connect Compact ToasterRidgeMonkey Connect Compact Toaster
RidgeMonkey Square Kettle 1.1LRidgeMonkey Square Kettle 1.1L
RidgeMonkey Square Kettle 2LRidgeMonkey Square Kettle 2L
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RidgeMonkey Deluxe Cutlery SetRidgeMonkey Deluxe Cutlery Set
RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Set LargeRidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Set Large
RidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 10LRidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 10L
RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate SetRidgeMonkey SQ DLX Plate Set
RidgeMonkey Q-Lock Utensil SetRidgeMonkey Q-Lock Utensil Set
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Green Stove - Hori3 - Stainless SteelGreen Stove - Hori3 - Stainless Steel
Green Stove - Hori3 - Stainless Steel Sale price$649.00 Regular price$789.00
Green Stove - Cast Iron Baking Tray
Green Stove - Oven Rack
RidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 15LRidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 15L
RidgeMonkey LX Hand Towel Set BlackRidgeMonkey LX Hand Towel Set Black
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RidgeMonkey Connect Combi & Steamer SetRidgeMonkey Connect Combi & Steamer Set
RidgeMonkey Connect Multi Purpose Pan & Griddle SetRidgeMonkey Connect Multi Purpose Pan & Griddle Set
RidgeMonkey Connect Multi Purpose Mini Pan & Griddle SetRidgeMonkey Connect Multi Purpose Mini Pan & Griddle Set