Tiegear HD Soft Spring & Loop

Sale price$14.95

The heavy-duty spring allows for flex in the tie down system which ensures strong gusts of wind are readily absorbed and pegs remain securely fixed to the ground.

The spring length is 45cm un-stretched and has a spring rate of 34kg.

At each end of the spring is an aluminium anodised closed loop carabiner. 

The springs come with a spring loop allowing it to be easily pegged to the ground. 

Alternatively, you can wrap the spring around a structure (e.g. bull bars, bollards, trees) eliminating the need for a peg altogether.

The spring has also been designed to be able to wrap around the drum of a caravan awning providing a secure and safe connection point to an awning for the Guy Rope and the soft materials ensure there is no risk of scratching or damage to the awning.